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FNP-BC MBA, Business & Lifestyle Coach & Income Strategist

Priscilla Jankans

To the Point: Priscilla is a 5X college graduate who quit a six figure executive job to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. So far she's started & Sold 3 - 300k boutiques and is the current owner of two - one million dollar businesses that she's built for from the ground up. Now, Priscilla speaks nationally on entrepreneurship and the importance of creating profitable businesses in order to maintain financial freedom. She started her first business with $750 & successfully turned it into six-figure per year profits. From there she transitioned into a serial entrepreneur starting and selling many profitable businesses to those looking to work for themselves.

You want financial freedom and I want that for you too.

Start your business & Build your Brand. The quicker you start the faster you can achieve your goals !

We take pride in turning aspiring full time Entrepreneurs into 500k+/year business owners

Kim M.

My business has been super stressful mainly because I felt like I was all over the place and taking on too much at once. The Masterclass helped me to organize, brand & market my business effectively and fast! I'm so excited!

Shariece T.

If you want to start seeing some real profits make sure you take the branding course, & social media marketing course. GAME CHANGER for sure. I am bringing in almost 5x the amount of sales and its only been a couple of weeks.

Dorris P. BSN

I've always wanted to start my own business but between work, kids and going back to school I couldn't find the time. The thing I like most about these courses is they are right to the point !!! She really means it when she says "lets dive in" lol, lol.

Lindsy G.

The grant money course is a must! I wish I would have found this course sooner because I've been stressed out about how to get money for my business. So far I've gotten 6 grants and its been a little less than 3 weeks !!!!!!!!!!

Ken A.

The masterclass is awesome. I'm glad I took it because now I have a concrete strategy for my business. It breaks down every aspect of opening and maintaining a business and I was able to figure out why my ROI was so low. Great course. Will be back for more courses in the future.

David A.

If you're not confident that your brand is 100 % on point then you need to get the million dollar box. Priscilla re-branded my business and now I'm in 3 stores and hopefully 7 more by summertime. I'm so hyped !
  • You've got the Knowledge, Product or Service. Now, all you need is the extra 'umph' to get you to the next step so you can ultimately be a successful entrepreneur .

  • Well, the excuses stop here. You've landed in a one stop shop for everything you need to open, maintain and scale up to a profitable business.

  • Now automate your business so you can focus on the most important things in life like "FREEING UP YOUR TIME" or perhaps becoming a serial entrepreneur & starting your next successful business venture.

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